A quick guide on how to use Urban Slack bot.
Ask for Help
/urban ?
Urban will give you a quick glance at all available commands

Make it public
/urban --public ?
Urban will post both your "?" request and the response publically into your current channel.

/urban FOMO or /urban what's up ...
You will see an Urban Dictionary definition for your search term.

Sketchy Phrases
/urban --sfw kevin
This will tell you that kevin has a huge ****. You can always try /urban kevin without the --sfw part, but that's at your own discretion..and peril.

/urban --random FOMO
Urban Dictionary contains mutliple, crowd-sourced definitions for many expressions. By default, Urban Bot will show you the first, most-upvoted definition. This switch will give you a random phrase every time you request it. Same goes for the sound phrases, they will be randomized as well.

Get last phrase
/urban --last
Recalls the last phrase for the current user. Ideal when doing /urban really really long phrase. Instead of re-typing, just to get it into a public channel, just use /urban --last --public.

/urban --sfw --public kevin or /urban --public --sfw kevin or /urban --random kevin --sfw --public or /urban --sfw kevin --public or...well, you get the point.
All these above examples will take the naughty code returned by Urban Dictionary, censosor it and then output it into a public channel, private conversation or a group.

User Preferences
/urban --set --public or /urban --set --sfw --public --random or /urban --set --norandom --private...again, you get the point.
Urban now remembers your preferences. You can use --set switch in combination with --private, --public, --nsfw, --nsfw, --random, --norandom or any combination of these switches to set your user preferences.

For the forgetful
/urban --mysettings
It might come in handy checking your settings before that --NSFW definition --randomly goes into a --public channel.

Surprise !!
/urban --surprise
Picks a completely random phrase. For those rare moments when you're bored and uninspired, just go /urban --public --surprise and hope for the best.

Say it like it is
/urban --feedback This is Awesome
Tell us what you think at any time with --feedback switch without leaving slack

System Defaults
/urban --nsfw --private kevin
This is the default response type; meaning - only you can see the response and that response will be non-filtered. /urban kevin is the equivalent to above.

Look with our eyes
Below, you can see the features in action (GIF).


HELP !!!

Make it Public.

Safe For Work (SFW)

Make it random.


Sound Clips

Slash Command API

User Preferences

Contact the Creator

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