Urban stores the minimum required amount of data needed to improve the service delivered to the users. The code is completely open and you can view all the details at Github.
Stored Data
For purposes of better understanding our users, we store certain details from /urban requests. We keep track of --sfw vs --nsfw requests, --public and --private, as well as ? (help) requests to understand ways in which Urban is best used. We also keep track the usage distribution across teams and users to understand whether Urban is used by lots of teams and small number of people, few teams and a lot of people, lots of teams and everyone in them one at all. We only keep the annonymized, numeric IDs, we DO NOT store any team, channel or user names.

Urban uses Google Analytics for better understanding of our users. We pass two types of data to our Google Analtyics tracker: website visits (to understand who is visiting us and who is refering us) and API access from slack. Regarding the API, we only collect the "api triggered" event in Google Analytics, to help us understand the frequency and usage. When /urban command is triggered from slack, all we see is a hit at our API endpoint and that the request is coming from Slack servers, our Google Analytics tracker does not know who you are and where you are coming from, what you are searching etc. See Google Analytics Terms for all details.

3rd Party Services
Urban runs on the Heroku Platform. See Heroku Privacy Policy for more details.
Urban also uses mLab Mongo-as-a-Service. See mLab Privacy Policy for more details.

Urban does not display advertisments. Not on the web page, not in Slack responses. We also do not share the data with any advertisers, should we put it to close all the loopholes: we don't sahre the data with anyone.

Data transfer
We NEVER share or sell any stored data. To anyone. Ever.

Privacy policy
This privacy policy may change over time.

Contact the Creator

Feel free to contact me regarding any bugs, feature requests, help, support and general questions via one of the following channels: